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Jorritsma seemed to have done well, for the elf king smiled warmly and returned an incline of the head with a shallow bow in greeting. Beside him, Is-Stable did the same.

"A pleasure. They call me the Sun-Prince. This is my shield-sibling, my personal guard, One-Who-Is-Stable."

She grunted in acknowledgement, though it was friendly enough for her. Those close to the elf would know this was her being respectfully quiet - and at her most civil.

"Rothstone?" Umi remarked, as he fell in line to move with the General. "Forgive me. It seems I still have gaps in my language. Stone is a word I know...what is a roth?"

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Jorritsma smiled, yet the expression had its usual grimness.
"Roth comes from the old word for my people. Rothrim comes from the mountains that surround our land. Rothstone lies in the foothills of those mountains."

He led the way up the slope towards the castle.
"I'd be happy to show you our country, when time permits."

They were greeted in the courtyard by King Andrean's chief servant, ready to show their guests to their quarters. Jorritsma bowed stiffly.

"I will speak with the king shortly. Once you have had a chance to freshen up from your journey, I am sure the king will want to speak with you."


Behind the scenes, there was a flurry of activity, from the moment the elvish contigent landed on Rothrim shores. Guest quarters for the Elvish king and his immediate followers had been readied at a moment's notice, pleasantly decorated with a mix of traditional Rothrim as well as Thrainish styles.

Once King Andrean was ready, a servant was sent to invite the Elvish king for a meeting, along with Lady Mara and Quicksilver. They were shown to a large drawing room, a servant on hand to pour wine. Mara smiled as the elves entered and she gestured to the empty seats.

"Your Highness, I hope the rooms are to your liking?"

Andrean did not keep them waiting for long; the doors were opened and a servant bowed, standing aside as the king entered. He wore a dark blue velvet doublet, stitched with gold thread in a repeating diamond pattern.

Andrean approached the elvish king and he bowed, smiling as he straightened up. He extended his hand.
"Your Highness, I am honoured to have you as my guest."