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New Dear Hearts and Gentle People (M)

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Ah. It seemed their luck would continue its good streak. Akuma caught the tail end of Jake and Sheriff Harden's conversation, and could guess by the sounds of it that Mr. Simms was headed down the same hall. With small, hurried feet, Akuma tucked low and down the hallway like a bullet to the ankles, around the corner and into the bloodied remnants of the crime scene. It was a challenge not to slip in the blood, and in the darkness, the congealing pool was black and sticky like tar.

Akuma cursed under their breath; finding any shreds of metal was going to be damn near impossible without a light source and the Sheriff was bound to be coming any second. With a quiet, sharp intake of breath, Akuma shot for the nearest dresser to grab anything that resembled a cloth and fell to their knees, pantomiming a dejected and nervous cleanup complete with furrowed brow and deeply-set cringe in disgust and fear. This was a cleaning girl that didn't get paid enough to deal with crime scenes.