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New Dear Hearts and Gentle People (M)

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Joe frowned, considering Lucy's words.
"I don't know if he was either." He shrugged. "If they were a threat right then and there, then he would kill them, without hesitation. But if he'd taken what he had come there to get, then he wouldn't go back to finish off the job."

His frown deepened and he looked back up the slope, towards the house.
"To him, they were just loose ends and he left them for other people to sort out."

Joe fell silent as he led the way up the slope. He kept vigilant; there was always the chance that, even if the farmers had not survived, their place had been taken over by raiders looking for a place to hole up in.

He stopped as Lucy spoke up, turning to look at them. He was surprised at their sentiment, not really sure how he would form a reply, yet he felt the need to do all the same.
"We can only guess about what could have happened, if I'd acted differently. Maybe I could have made a difference."

He fell silent, grimacing. Lifting his rifle, he moved ahead into the fields. They were overgrown, clearly untended since the last time they had been through here. Silently, he approached the house, moving from cover to cover.