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Chaper II: All Cos[m]ic Revelations [Cope & Rabbit]

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"Can you not sacrifice something else?" she asked, there was no disgust or judgement in her voice at this revelation, though she very much so disagreed with him harming himself, she wasn't going to question his faith without knowing more about it, and hoped he could find another outlet for it. "Is it truly this wrong to believe in someone else's gods?" she asked, meaning how much damage he had done.

"If you must harm yourself for it, then do not believe in my gods and that I receive power from them. Believe that I get them from my ancestors, from the earth, and the emotions I have. These are much the same thing to me, and surely it is not wrong for you to believe in the earth, my blood, and my feelings, is it? You do not need to think of my gods."

After he took the gold, she took his arm and helped him off of the ground, though she was more of a guide than an actual force to shift him, "You are heavier than you look." she said to him with a small smile. "

Fosse listened quietly to his description, she understood him perfectly well, but she wasn't concerned about how much information on them the request had. Most people seemed very fast at getting information compared to her own pace, so she was unable to understand just how unnaturally fast their details had been taken and then used to recruit them. She was very interested in the large amount of gold, despite knowing that more gold often meant more trouble.

She had only glanced to Tarkis as he began to count before focusing on Niko as he spoke to her, even though she wasn't watching him count at all, she could hear that the clink of the gold was identical to the first time he had counted, so she accepted that it was the amount she was supposed to get. She slowly closed her fist around the gold before dropping it into her gunny sack. She didn't pull out her hand immediately, she instead pulled out a large square of folded fabric that was held together with a thin string.

"For Niko." She pushed it against the man's chest for him to take, "Put under armure." She had seen how his clothing had been destroyed not by battle, but by his own disease, and as she didn't wear any beneath her armor she knew of how it chafed, something which would likely rip off his easily removed skin. She had gotten some for herself, but while hers was thick wool, she had gotten some for him that was thinner so his skin could breath. Despite his large and odd stature, it would fit him perfectly, meaning that Fosse had been able to tell the tailor his exact proportions despite not ever having him measured.

Kinesia hadn't participated at all in the distribution of the gold or the explaining of the mysterious note to Fosse, she instead was studying the sheet more, especially her own picture, it was subtle but she swore they had drawn her eyes as vertical slits unlike all the others, but she couldn't be sure it wasn't just a mistake as they hurried to illustrate the image. When she heard that Fosse had something for Niko, she looked up curiously to see what she could possibly offer to him besides food and medicine.

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“Heavy … and unmoving… should I choose,” Silax had looked thoughtful as Nphepho offered potential solutions for his problem – indeed, sacrifices were never explicitly described in his scriptures. But he had known that whatever he must sacrifice, it must hurt him gravely for his transgressions. What even, would match physical pain? He did not know, but Nphepho’s wisdom had planted a growing seed of creativity in his interpretation of the brutal doctrines.

They caught up with the others fairly quickly, despite Silax requiring some aid of Nphepho to stand and walk straight. Silax watched Fosse present Niko with some cloth, and the young boy, Tarkis’s curious and suspicious inspection of the material.

“Hmm,” Tarkis said, taking the fabric between his fingers and rubbing it, inquisitively eyeing its weave. It was a tight weave with a slight amount of stretch, good for providing protection to Niko’s damaged skin, without irritating it. He nodded. “Thankyou fosse, this is perfect for Niko! I – we – are very appreciative of your thoughtfulness.”

The boy’s eyes did sparkle with a genuine thankfulness. While Niko and him had a great deal of tension over the course of their brief interactions, it was clear Tarkis cared for him and wanted to ease his suffering, however long it would last. They were quick to equip it, Niko quietly allowing his armour to be removed and the material put in place. “Thankyou,” he said quietly. “I am very grateful.” He did not know how he could express his gratitude to Fosse, when facial expressions were not available to him.

“Should we continue?” Silax asked, once they seemed relaxed enough to return their attention to the task at hand again. He had noticed Kinesia’s continuous examining of the paper, eyeing their portraits. For the gargoyle, he had felt there had been minimal defining detail. The unusual cut of his hair, shaved on the sides and braided to keep stray wisps away from his horns, and the crowning horns themselves, was enough. He had yet to realise the expert capture of detail had unnerved the others. “I do not feel comfortable, sending all of us. What if it is a trap? Perhaps one or two of us should remain hidden. Myself and Kinesia are the least conspicuous, perhaps we should stay back, and watch in case things go poorly?”

The plan set, they made their way down the streets to the edge of Great Wyrly. The cobbled streets turned to dirt, and grass began to venture out underfoot by the time they came to the stone wall. Tarkis looked into the forest beyond, searching for movement. He saw nothing, and they walked straight through the gates before someone noticed, sitting with their back against the wall, their legs swinging in the ditch beyond, was a small, dark figure.

“Took your time, blimey!” The voice was clear and chirpy, a female voice definitely. “I’ll be as old as me grandmamma if I waited any longer. Welcome to our meeting place! I have no doubt your tow friends are waiting out of sight?”