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Crime Boy Romance, Anyone? (Looking for Long Term RP Partners)

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I've been wanting to do this one for a bit. My Yakuza hitman is ready to be shipped with a foreign girl.

I don't have much of a plot going, but it would start off as my character would by walking along the streets of Kyoto after taking care of his assignment when he bumps into her. Anything goes from there. I kind of want to have a bit of an age gap between the two (he's mid to late 30s).

A little about me:
-I've been roleplaying for about seven years now.
-I only do MxF pairings, but I can write other types of characters
-I don't write non-con/rape or weird/gross fetishes or kinks
-Romance is a huge plus :3
-I don't mind writing M rated scenes but there needs to be some plot and usually good chemistry between the characters

Plot bunnies:
-Interracial love
-Mythical creatures of any kind

Other things I want to do:
-Assassin's Creed (more specifically Connor Kenway X OC)
-Supernatural creature pairings (not the show, I've never watched it)
-Disgraced noble X peasant
-Mage X noble
-Lima syndrome scenario
-A dwarfson/human pairing
-Skyrim (F!Dovahkiin X Teldryn Sero)
-Shapeshifting dragon X peasant girl

I'm not picky about partners, but please don't drop off the face of the earth. At least let me know what's going on or if you don't want to continue.

If you've made it this far, thanks so much for reading! Hope to hear from you soon :)
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This looks like an interesting idea and I'd like to hear a bit more about it if you wouldn't mind. I've never RP'd something  like the whole hitman thing you're wanting but I'm definitely willing to try if you're game.

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