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"I look forward to it." Kailin smiled broadly. He was a fast learner and he'd made sure that he'd paid attention when shadowing Nadine.

The work was far from easy; he doubted that he could have found a job that was even more removed from what he was used to even if he had tried. There were certain things that Nadine had expected him to know, yet he had needed to be walked through these step by step.

The concept of money was another thing; on his home world, they used credits that were transmited through virtual devices, yet here, many transactions were conducted with paper scraps and metal disks that were called coins. The paper scraps were confusing, with strange symbols written on them. It had taken him some time to learn what these symbols meant, yet they were important, dictating the value of the paper. After a little while, he felt that he had gotten the hang of the system.

Setting out the ingredients, Kailin began the initial task of measuring out the correct amounts. Again, this was an important step, as if the proportions were incorrect then the final cookie would be imperfect.

Kailin looked up as the bell sounded, smiling as he set down the bowl and approached the counter to serve the customer.

"Good morning, Sir."

He blinked with surprise as the customer recognised him. They might comment on his unusual looks, but very few of them remembered his name, even with it written on a tag on his uniform. He recognised the young man as being a regular customer.

"Yes, that's right." Kailin paused, trying to remember what the young man usually ordered.

"Poppy seed cake?"