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Who got inside your mind?

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dasha rose clarke ( pronounced DAY-sha )

born june 23rd, cancer zodiac, 23-27 years old

scot-irish/welsh/german (dad's side) and scandinavian/eastern european (mom's side) heritages, but she grew up in north america her whole life and has never been outside of the country

full-time workaholic, she's also a college graduate with a bachelor's degree in education and a minor in english/language arts. she works about 45 hours a week as a waitress at an authentic irish grub-n-pub in the heart of the same city where she spent the last four years going to school, about two and a half hours from the town where she grew up. unfortunately she has not yet been able to jumpstart her career, though her end goal is to become a grade school teacher, possibly even working specifically with special needs kids. every now and then she picks up substitute teaching gigs, but she hasn't really pursued the option of landing a full-time position just yet.

she has muddy green eyes and her natural hair color is dark brown, though she's been dyeing/color-conditioning it for years, always back to the same shade of dark magenta. she takes really good care of her hair, but considering she's been putting so much product in it for the past 5-10 years the texture has become a little more coarse than she would like it to be. her hair is naturally a bit wavy, always cut around shoulder length at the longest, and she normally wears it either down or up in a messy bun.

she stands at about 5'8" and has a narrow, wiry build. she has thin, spidery hands and feet, and a quiet, cautious, anxious demeanor that speaks volumes through the way she carries herself as well. being incredibly fair-skinned, she has sensitive skin, and tends to burn and scar much too easily. she has her ears pierced twice on each lobe with standard gold hoop, and two tattoos: a medium-sized gothic-style cross between her shoulder blades and the cancer constellation on the inside of her left forearm.

she has a few small but deep and colorful old scars along her upper body from a car accident she got into a couple years ago. the most noticeable of these scars is a two-inch slash embedded in her left temple right around her hairline from her head making impact with the driver's side window. second-most noticeable is a puffy red stitch-mark along her forearm from a broken arm acquired in the same accident.

her wardrobe mostly consists of plain t-shirts, dark-wash fitted jeans, denim shorts, high-tops (doc marten's and converse, mostly), comfy oversized long-sleeve t-shirts and hoodies, and the occasional floral print dress. the only things she consistently refuses to wear is the colors orange and brown, flip-flops, skirts or heels.

somber music, movie theaters, cuddling, lavender, classic console video games (mario kart, smash bros, pacman, etc), flowers, sleeping, books!!!, dogs, coffee, peppermint gum, cooking, hiking, strategy/brain games

loud noises, humidity, being yelled at, being alone all the time, large groups of people, scary movies, cats, storms, bugs, awkward confrontation

for much of her life dasha denied and kept her sexuality a secret, however in more recent years she has finally been able to come to terms with the fact that she might be gay. although she doesn't openly advertise her sexuality, she no longer outright denies it either and when asked or confronted on the topic, she will mostly opt to ignore the question altogether for the sake of privacy. she keeps her business to herself and doesn't share her life story with very many people unless she feels that she can trust them, however there aren't many people she feels she can trust either, which is to say she's a very solitary, quiet person. in the past couple years she finally worked up the courage to come out to her father, but things didn't go very well and by the end she almost regrets telling him in the first place.

growing up, her father was openly prejudice and would constantly spout off ridiculing hate speech about almost all minority groups any time the topic of "those people" arose. needless to say, whenever she first confronted her father about her questions of her sexuality, he did not react well. the fight that followed left dasha feeling abandoned by her father and she left his house in tears. on the drive home, she was so upset and crying hysterically that she started to have a panic attack before she could pull over to the side of the road. she lost control of her car and hit a guardrail, then over-corrected so hard that she nearly flipped the vehicle on the highway. this led to a bit a pileup on the roadway, and fortunately, she was wearing her seatbelt but was still knocked unconscious and later awoke in the hospital with a mild concussion, broken arm, and a number of deep cuts and bruises on her face and upper torso from the shattered glass of the windows spraying over her. the hospital staff found her father's number in her recent contacts and reached out to him about her accident.

although her father still refuses to acknowledge her sexuality or accept it at face value, he spent the entire first two nights of her stay in the hospital sleeping in the chair beside her bed. after that, they were able to make up enough to at least put the issue behind them, and now the two speak occasionally, although not as often as they did beforehand. their relationship is ruined (which it always was, but dasha was mostly in denial beforehand) but at least no longer in shambles, and although dasha no longer visits her father as frequently as she used to, they still talk every now and then, which leaves more room for potential than the alternative. the topic of family tends to be the biggest sore spot for her and is indeed her heaviest baggage.

losing or disappointing loved ones
bugs, particularly spiders, centipedes, wasps and a few different types of bees

- to continually better herself
- to travel outside of the country someday
- have kids
- become a teacher

great planning and organization skills
sweet and good-natured

painfully shy
overly sensitive heart
closed off, doesn’t open up to others easily
doesn’t stand up for herself very well
too hard on herself, crazy amount of self-doubt

father – growing up he was very protective of his daughter but also not the best role model. fortunately dasha survived her childhood and came out a better person for it in the end. her father is hugely prejudiced and a very hypocritical person, essentially encompassing the entire stereotypical personality of your average big ol' southern boy. they don't talk anymore, and this makes dasha a little sad, but they also never had that much in common in the first place.

mother - probably an alcoholic, drug addict, or possibly even homeless by now. dasha hasn't seen her mother since early childhood, as she was born out of wedlock as a result of a drunken mistake, a one-night stand that led to a baby that likely would have grown up in extreme poverty, if her mother hadn't reached out to her father, who in turn wanted to keep the child for himself. he was at least able to give dasha a slightly better life; though she still grew up poor, it was a better life than she would have received if she'd lived with her mother.

she has a half-sister from her mother who is about 4 or 5 years older than herself, but the last time she saw her was when she was around 11 years old. her sister doesn't really talk to anyone in their family, for the same reasons dasha doesn't. she's closed-off and very private, much the same as dasha herself tends to be, but for reasons more related to trauma and resentment, as she grew up with their mother, and therefore very poor. 

honestly, she probably has a few other half-siblings too, but cara is the only one she knows about.

dasha doesn't smoke or do drugs, although she has tried smoking in the past on a whim... she hates how cigarettes taste and thinks that they are a waste of money for all the destruction they do to your body, though at the same time she understands how they can be so easy to get addicted to because the majority of her family smokes cigarettes. she only ever drinks in social situations but doesn't like the bar atmosphere, and doesn't ever drink to get drunk, usually maxing out at one or two.

she has really bad seasonal allergies but takes medicine for it as-needed

diagnosed with anxiety and clinical depression in her late teens. she takes medicine for this as well, so now the depression is pretty well under control, but not so much for the anxiety. she's been prescribed medicine for panic attacks, but it turns her into a bit of a zombie which is feeling she absolutely hates, so she only takes it as-needed.

she has iron-deficient anemia, so she gets tired and bruises very easily

she owns a three year old rescued german shepherd pup named kayla

doesn't really have any skills for art or music, but is a pretty decent cook and generally quite book-smart. if only she had access to lessons, she would probably be decent at playing the piano or violin, but she never had the opportunity growing up, or the money to invest in it during school.

she worked her way through college with the help of scholarships and grants, but also held a part-time job the entire 4 years. she has about 10k in student loan debt, but on top of that a $20k car loan since her accident totalled her old car and she ended up having to get a new one. growing up low-income, she has always struggled a little with being poor and it has never been easy to get out of that mentality, but she's also an incredibly hard worker and more than willing to pick up 50+ hour workweeks if that's what she needs to do to get by and make ends meet. honestly, it doesn't help that the town she lives in now has a much higher than average cost of living due to being a college town, but only having been out of school the past year or so, she hasn't worked up to moving yet either. in large part this is due to a nervousness about starting over, but it also has a lot to do with money, of course.
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Scott Laurence Collier
Age 28
College graduate
Dance instructor and boylesque performer
Secret science-fiction nerd
Coffee snob
Gay and flirty-as-fuck
6'4", limber, athletic, graceful

Social butterfly
Loud, boisterous
Outrageously nosey when drunk

Best friend, roommate & self-proclaimed
match-maker to Dasha Clarke

Doesn't date well, longest relationship
has been about seven months long
Tends to be a bit promiscuous,
not built for settling down
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Evan Nicole Bailey
Born September 21st, virgo

full-time college student, English/Computer Science double-major. Just finished her third year going for a B.A. degree. Works at a small coffee shop called “Perks” as an opener/barista. Over the summer she’s scheduled mostly 5am-3pm shifts, off on Tuesdays and Sundays, and averages about 35 hours a week for $9.50/hour plus tips. During the school year, she works part-time.

female, attracted to women

5’2”, 105 pounds

Hazel eyes

Her hair is short, but kept slightly longer on top and shaved nearly to the scalp on the sides and back. Natural hair color is mousy brown but she has the top part lightened to a pale blonde. Straight, floppy, soft.

Fair skinned, covered in freckles all over her face, chest, and shoulders. Blushes, burns, and scars easily. She has a lot of old scarring along her thighs from cutting when she was a teenager.

She has her earlobes and left tragus pierced. Also used to have her labret pierced but not anymore, you can still see the scar on her bottom lip from where it used to be though.

She has two tattoos: thick black armbands, one on each bicep, a tribute to the loss of her grandparents. She plans on getting more tattoos and already knows exactly what else she wants to get, once she can afford to have the work done.

Emotionally sensitive
Generally quiet, but only shy around people she likes
Friendly, but takes a while to open up about personal details
Goofy sense of humor, laughs at her own jokes
Slightly gullible
Fiercely protective of those she loves
Loves animals
Prone to anxiety and nervousness
Hard worker and detail-oriented

watching movies, reading, dogs, bugs, spicy foods, (…)

Social media, blood, smoking, drinking, sour stuff, (…)

She doesn’t really have any secrets (aside from maybe her scars?) but she doesn’t like to talk about her childhood and actively avoids the topic.

Abandonment/not being good enough

Father: Sean Bailey, 41 (divorced, remarried, doesn’t talk to Evan)

Mother: Marie Collins Bailey, 39 (divorced, estranged from the family, declared unfit as a parent due to severe alcoholism and child neglect. Evan hasn’t seen her mom in years)

Her parents met in high school and dated for about six months before they wound up getting pregnant and both dropping out. They married quickly and were happy at first, but the honeymoon phase didn’t last very long. By the time Evan was 3, their relationship had turned completely sour and become extremely unhealthy, both parents cheating on each other and fighting a lot at this point. Her mom already had a tendency to drink too much in her teens but became a full-blown alcoholic over the first couple years of their marriage. Her parents were divorced by the time Evan was 5. Due to the toxicity of their relationship and the way things ended, her dad didn’t care to have anything to do with Evan or her mother and gave up custody completely in the divorce. Because Marie was the first to cheat in their relationship, Sean became convinced that Evan might not have even been his own child, and was not shy about voicing this opinion while she was around either.

Evan stayed with her mom for a little while, but due to severe alcoholism, the relationship quickly turned neglectful, her mom becoming manipulative and emotionally abusive at times. She began to struggle in school, to the point she was held back in the first grade. As soon as teachers confirmed the home situation, authorities were informed. She was taken out of her mother’s custody within the first year of her parent’s divorce and went to stay with her grandparents after that. Dad “matured” and moved on pretty fast, even remarrying and having another child some years later, but her Mom never got much better. She’s still an alcoholic, still incredibly immature and manipulative as a person. Due to the way she treated Evan as a child, she was estranged from the family and completely cut off from seeing her own child, not even being invited to family functions anymore.

Half-brother: Eric Liam Bailey, 16, high school sophomore, member of the school wrestling team and plays the trumpet in the school band. Evan doesn’t really know much about her brother, aside from that he exists.

Stepmother: Jess Bailey, 38, middle school biology teacher - she's never met her step-mother, again just knows of her existence

Grandparents (maternal): Joyce and Allan Collins, they died 6 months apart from each other the year Evan turned 13, Joyce of a heart attack and Allan of complications from lung cancer. (Very much a Johnny-and-June type situation, like they couldn’t bear to be apart even in death)

Evan went to live with her grandparents after she was taken away from her mother. From ages 6-13, they took good care of her, fed her well, and helped her heal from the wounds of her parent’s divorce. She grew up with a bunch of Dachshunds in a little double-wide trailer out in the middle of nowhere and didn’t have access to a computer or her own phone until after she turned 14. Her mother was refused any and all access to Evan’s life by her grandparents, as they were extremely protective of her, for obvious reasons. She was a very sad child, but life while living with her grandparents was good. Once they died, however, she became depressed, even suicidal, and began cutting. She got her memorial armband tattoos as soon as she turned 18.

Grandparents (paternal): Ron (lives in a nursing home, diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease) and Patricia Bailey (deceased from a car accident when Evan was a child). Evan was never very close to these grandparents since her dad was only in her life for the first five years of her life. The grandmother died when Evan was about 3 and grandfather went into a nursing home when she was around 10 years old.

Notable aunts and uncles: Her dad had a younger brother named Liam but he died in the same car accident that killed their mother 20 years ago, so Evan doesn’t remember him. Her mother has two sisters, both older: Beth and Nancy, and they’re about the only family Evan has left.

When her grandparents died, Evan went to live with her aunt Beth through the rest of her teenage years. Her depression was already starting to get bad again by this point, but after the loss of her grandparents, she hit complete rock bottom. Her aunt is the one who got her help for her depression, helped her renew her love for life, and pushed her to continue her schooling so that she would have more options for her future. Evan took a year off after graduation from high school to work on her mental health while also working, trying to figure out what schools she wanted to attend, and applying for loans/scholarships/grants. She went into a two-year program at a community college to complete her Gen Ed courses, then transferred to a university to finish out the rest of her schooling. Overall she’s going for her bachelor’s degree and majoring in Computer Science.

Evan didn’t have access to a computer or a cell phone for the first time until she went to live with her aunt. Beth allowed her to have her own computer and phone while living with her, though by this point she was already about 3 years late to the social media craze and so was a little inept at understanding the technology at first. Once she got the hang of it, she was a natural. She had a Facebook account for a couple years and used this same platform to track down her father, whom she had previously had little to no contact with since childhood and had always struggled to accept the failure of their relationship. She never reached out to her father on Facebook, only keeping tabs on his life through what she could see on his page without being “friends”, which ended up turning into a near-destructive obsession over time. While Facebook-stalking her dad, this is when she also found out about her step-mother and half-brother for the first time. Curious and hurt with his “replacement family,” the fact that he had never even bothered to include her in his new life, she began to distance herself from the technology, eventually deactivated her page and never went back. She still likes computers, but she doesn't use social media if she can avoid it.

While she was staying with her aunt, the worst experience she had with Beth was her mom trying to claw her way back into her life. Her aunt Beth allowed her mother back into her life for a little while in the beginning whenever Evan first moved in with her, completely against Evan’s wishes, because she believed that her mother “deserved a chance at a second chance, at least” and that her parents might have "gone too far." Needless to say, things did not go well and within the first year of her mother being back in her life, all contact was cut off again. Evan had to block and change her phone number numerous times in the past but has been officially mom-drama free for about six years now. 
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you can't wake up, this is not a dream

Dara (DAR-uh)

approx. 32 years old, born August 7th (Leo)

Irish and German ancestry on one side, Hungarian and Polish on the other
(Mutant, born to human parents)


Darkness/Shadow Manipulation: Ability to control, shape and manipulate darkness and shadows. Also manifests itself in the power to bring shadows to life, create/generate shadows and darkness, use as attacks, condense darkness into a tangible form (such as a protective shield), manipulate the properties of darkness, erase darkness, and some skill of shadow puppetry.

Night Vision: Ability to see clearly in partial or complete darkness

Decelerated Aging: The ability to age at a slower-than-normal rate.

Regenerative Healing: Ability to heal minor to moderate injuries at a faster-than-normal rate.

- Thick, wavy sandy blonde hair, she usually keeps it around chest-length and rarely, if ever, ties it up. Her bangs are grown out near chin length and frame her face.
- Heterochromia Iridium: her eyes are two distinctly different colors, her right eye being dark brown/almost black and her left a pale, hazy blue.
- She has a tattoo of the moon tarot card on her left thigh, a small asterisk on the outer bony part of both her wrists and a bouquet of wildflowers in black and grey ink on her shoulder with vines creeping off towards the edges of her collarbone and around the back of her shoulder. Both earlobes, septum, and right eyebrow are pierced.
- Soft, full rosy lips.
- Dimples in the backs of her shoulders and small of her back, one in her left cheek
- When she's healthy, she has a slim hourglass figure, strong arms and legs, flat but still slightly soft in the stomach, and a medium-sized chest. She stands at 5'8".
- She has a small gap between her two front teeth, the rest of which are slightly crooked.

Likes: Coffee (black), camping in the woods, hiking, stargazing, reading, classic/oldies rock music, horror movies, booze

Personality traits: Snarky, mischievous, sharp-minded, witty, doesn’t make friends easily, has a tendency to jump to conclusions when upset, highly protective of those she cares about, can be wildly flirtatious and a bit of a tease, strongly opinionated, fiercely independent, chain-smoker, kleptomaniac, femme fatale, strong sense of empathy but usually keeps her emotions hidden

Clothing style: Soft, oversized sweaters, fitted jeans, faux fur coats, faux leather, knee-high boots, flowy flower-print summer dresses, crop tops, jean shorts, flip-flops or sandals in the warmer months.

Skills: knife tricks, acoustic guitar, good at gardening

She lived with her parents in the state of Tennessee up until about age 10. As her powers grew more obvious her abilities began to terrify her parents, what with her being the first known mutant in her family. She didn't do well in school due to bullying which made her bitter and standoffish, and this, in turn, affected her home life as well. Her affinity for horror and darkness as a child was a huge concern for her parents, who had no idea how to navigate their concerns. On top of that discomfort, she came from a poor family, always struggling to get by, both parents deeply religious, so their only daughter being a "freak" was simply unacceptable. It was leading up to it for years, but eventually her parents chose to disown her.

Upon placement into the foster care system, she was then shuffled all across the Midwest as authorities struggled to find a family willing to take in a mutant child -- sometimes even choosing to hide the fact, though the truth always came out in the end. She spent time in both group homes and family settings but was never at one place for very long, most places no more than six months at most. She has been beaten, emotionally abused, neglected, malnourished, even spent a brief time being homeless at 14 and almost sexually assaulted during the same period of time. She eventually aged out of the system and spent the next few years train-hopping off to California with a group of other mutants from the system. She doesn't trust other people very easily, and hardly talks about her past.

What is their version of a fun night? Going to the bar to drink and dance, if she’s feeling particularly social. If it’s more of a low-key night, she would be at home with friends smoking and sitting up talking all night, getting high.

What’s their favorite weird food combo? Eggs with ketchup

What’s the longest they’ve ever stayed awake? Four days straight. She’s a light, fitful sleeper anyway and deals with a lot of nightmares.

How do they cry? Often starts out quiet and calm before all hell breaks loose. Prone to panic attacks as well.

How do they sleep? Usually on her stomach or left side. Always the big spoon when cuddling, unless she's actually dating someone taller than herself.

What is their biggest fear? Abandonment

What would they die for? Self-preservation and protection of loved ones

If they had one wish what would it be? Acceptance

Favorite color? Green or purple

Have they ever woken up screaming?  Not uncommon, but more often wakes up crying

What’s their favorite meal? Homemade waffles with plenty of butter and syrup, fresh fruit, bagel with cream cheese, coffee.

If they were given the chance would they change any physical aspect of themselves? (Hair/tattoos/gender etc) She’d get braces/Invisalign and whitening strips to correct her teeth.

Do they have any coping mechanisms? Scratching, cuticle-picking and controlled breathing exercises

What do they look for in a partner? Calm, quiet, intellectual, thoughtful, strong-willed. Not normally attracted to huge introverts. Usually falls for punky, self-righteous boys and quiet, sweet-natured girls or a mix of the two.

What is their favorite place to be in nature? Wandering around the woods or floating on a boat in the middle of a huge body of water.

What is their favorite flower(s)? Gardenias, sunflowers, white roses

Do they know anything about plants that can be used for medicines? She’s very familiar with marijuana…

Where have they always wanted to go? "Anywhere but here"

Where would they want to live? She wants a little farmhouse out in the country away from the majority of society, no interest in raising livestock or children but would happily care for flowers and plants, possibly even a little vegetable garden. Honestly, she'd probably grow her own weed too. She wants a big dog, most likely a German shepherd (her favorite breed), a couple cats, maybe even a few rabbits. She wants a pond or a lake with a dock on her property, not so much for fishing but rather for swimming, although she would certainly want it stocked with fish as well. She’s always wanted to live somewhere with ivy growing up the sides of the building and to be surrounded by trees. A nice big patio and wrap-around covered porch. Neat, tidy, homey.

What is your character's idea of family? She has no family, unless friends count

How well did they do in school? Not well, she hated school and barely managed to not flunk out before graduating. Never went to college, had no interest

Does your character play by the rules of society? Nope, she's a big trouble-maker, hates authority figures, and loves anarchy

What is her voice like? Low and raspy, a bit husky-sweet

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I worry, I wonder all the time why worry?
It's killing me... forget about it.

adam michael lewis

female-to-male transgender, pre-testosterone / pre-surgery


caucasian, mixed european heritage

adam is a fine arts major in college, in his 2nd year going for a bachelor's degree. he started college a little later than usual, having taken some time off after high school to work, save money, and focus on his mental health. he works part-time at his aunt's flower shop for about 20-25 hours a week and volunteers during breaks at the local animal shelter.

adam has dark hazel eyes and shaggy medium-length soft brown hair. he stands at about 5'9" and is a slender, lanky lad with pale skin and lots of freckles. he has no current tattoos or other types of body modifications, though if you look closely you might notice a couple closed-up holes in his earlobes and on either sides of his bottom lip. being tall and thin as he is, he has long, narrow, bony hands and feet, which is often noted as his most recognizable feature. however, his hands make great use in the fact that he has been playing the piano since he was about nine years old. over the last 10-15 years, his hearing has steadily grown weaker in his right ear from a string of ear infections he endured in his childhood, and he now wears a hearing implant on that side. he knows a little bit of sign language, but doesn't rely on it too much.

adam has always known that being born as a girl wasn't right for him, but it took him a long time to understand and confront how he felt. it started around age 16 by coming out as a lesbian, then as he grew older he realized that his feelings had less to do with sexual orientation and more to do with gender. even now, he has only disclosed to a few choice people. though he has never told his mother explicitly, he believes she has suspected on her own from an early age and has always been more than supportive, whereas his father is largely in denial about the entire ordeal.

fortunately, being tall, thin and fairly small-chested has aided a lot in his overall physical ambiguity, and he doesn't have too difficult a time "passing" -- at least until he opens his mouth and starts speaking, that is. generally, he keeps pretty quiet and sticks to himself, and now that he's finally out of high school he doesn't get picked on nearly as much, though at the very least his androgyny does raise a lot of question marks about his gender. he struggles a lot with gender dysphoria, and has a past history of self-harm as a result of such. most of his scars are easy to hide beneath clothing.

adam is quiet and comes off a little shy with the general public, but around those he feels close to he can become quite animated and be easily excitable. he has a loud laugh and tends to talk with his hands -- not only as a figure of speech, but also by throwing in bits of sign language every now and then -- though this isn't always something he's completely aware of himself doing. he has a tendency to chain-smoke, chew on his nails when he's nervous, and be an incredibly picky eater. when he's annoyed or pissed off, he will often close himself off from others and sometimes gets over-defensive or overly-critical of himself. he doesn't exactly have the strongest sense of confidence, but he does a pretty good job of faking it when he needs to.

  • likes:
    reading, painting, playing video games, flowers and nature, dogs, fishing, learning new things, exploring new places, cold weather, rainy days, flannel shirts, marvel/DC, running, horror books/movies
  • dislikes:
    rude people, hot weather, talking in front of others, loud noises, scratchy shirts, always forgetting to eat, people who stare, clown movies, driving
  • strengths/weaknesses:
    honest (sometimes too honest, doesn't always think before he speaks)
    loyal (to a fault)
    good listener (he has a tendency to attract a lot of selfish people)
    practical (sometimes struggles to think outside of the box)
    careful (difficulty taking risks)
    patient (tends to let others walk all over him)
    strongly devoted (wears rose-colored glasses)
    goal and detail-oriented (obsessive-compulsive thinking)
father: daniel "danny" lewis - manufacturing associate, volunteer firefighter, retired army veteran
mother: kendra mackey lewis - bank teller, substitute teacher
    alycia (27)
    gavin (18)

genre: modern, some kind of haibane renmei-subplot
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If chaos is the law
We'll keep on falling down in the same way

( lyra hyles ) --> LIE-ra HYLES

- approximately 31 years old

- born in the late winter season (approx. feb 2nd)

- biologically female, attracted to both sexes/mostly leaning towards women, but she doesn't allow herself to have relationships

- descended from a line of maternity doctors in the old world, therefore knowledge passed down over the years has led to every generation since then specializing in the same fields.

- nowadays whether she wanted to be a doctor or not she has no choice, she's essentially a slave to the government and whatever they want. she has a lot of blood on her hands and hates herself more and more every day because of it

- lyra started as what was essentially a midwife and OBGYN, then as conditions got worse with society and people started struggling with infertility, she was forced into research instead. she studies fertility and genetics, often working hands-on with test subjects live or dead, including but not limited to women and children... whatever can be done to find out what the issue is and if anything can be done to reverse it.

Something can be done
But nothing's gonna change ‘til we all can say…

- intense bright green eyes with dark circles underneath from stress, fitfulness and lack of sleep

- shoulder-length dark hair, often tied back in a messy bun

- pale skin, the occasional mole but hardly any freckles, and lots of old scarring

- short fingernails, chronic nail-biter

- rough, callused hands, washing obsessively leaves her skin raw and red

- no piercings or tattoos

- wears a lot of dark clothing, as her uniform at work is all white so she tries to separate the two as much as possible

- about 5'7", narrow, lanky, small-chested, fine bone structure and square jaw

- she exercises regularly, for stress relief but also to punish herself

I believe that I was wrong, I was wrong all along
I believe that I was wrong, I was wrong all along

- both of her parents are already dead and have been since she was a child

- her mother died in childbirth delivering her younger brother and her father killed himself shortly afterwards, unable to process the grief

- she has one brother but hasn't seen him since he was about 13 (he'd be 23ish now), so he could be dead too for all she knows.

- she and her brother were both raised by a distant relative, but hardly received the best of care

- as soon as she was old enough and mature enough to begin hands-on career training (at approx. 16), she started working and studying under her great aunt. before then she had grown up going to work with her parents, who had both been doctors before they died, and briefly interned thereafter.

- she has attempted suicide multiple times in the past, but has never been successful.

- she has been pregnant twice, but miscarried each time within the first few months.

- stubborn and withdrawn, prone to bouts of explosive anger

- suffers from anxiety and frequent night terrors

I believe we move along, we move along, if we can say
I believe that I was wrong

post-apocalyptic / dystopian society
post-war / post-nuclear
human fertility research doctor
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