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[5e] Strange Tides & Wild Rides

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The hobgoblin's attention was immediately locked onto the talk of corruption, "Those first things are trivial, someone else can handle them. This is the most important. The lack of information attests to that." She was guessing that the detail was left out because of the risk of sharing the information publicly, and the corruption had to be deep for such secrecy. She had no intention of joining an order, but she couldn't ignore their request for assistance.

When the other said it was propaganda, she eyed him sharply, "Then if it is propaganda, we should put an end to it. They should not be luring in noble soldiers to cause corruption rather than end it." Either way, she planned on going with this posting. The Tortle had seemingly come from nowhere, and she normally would be offput by the rude interruption, not only had they pushed passed but they were also blocking the board now. However, they pointed to the posting that the hobgoblin was interested in herself, which meant that the creature was noble enough in their own bumbling way.

"We are going there, it is settled." She meant all of them, but if the others disagreed then she would act as if she were speaking of herself and Bil. "Is there a location to go to?" She couldn't see the paper well enough, with the tortle, selkie, and elf all looking at the posting.

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Glym stared nearly blankly at the board. While he was some sort of genius, sometimes he overthought things, and was kind of hung up on what was a joke or an actual ad for something.

". . ."

His gaze wandered about the board a few moments more, the word 'research' sticking out to him, though the artsy-sounding nature caused his enthusiasm to falter. Despite being pretty well-equipped, the whole adventuring and working for hire life was still a bit on the new side, so he continued to dither and wonder over which one of these might be ideal, before slowly realizing he wasn't the only one standing there gawping at it.


He stayed quiet, though, almost immediately slipping into eavesdropping, even though he wasn't really being subtle about it, flicking his magnified gaze between the tallpeople occasionally. And before he realized it, apparently he'd been roped into one of them...maybe. "Hwuh..?"

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   Despite his ages, upon closer inspection no specifics came to mind when viewing the odd advertisement. That being said, though… this one does strike you as somewhat familiar. Like a book you’ve never read, but that one or two of your friends discussed in passing, you vaguely recall the name of the Order being discussed among the sailors once or twice before, although their light banter over what exactly a Free One is or does slips your mind. However, being a native to the city, you know that it’s easy enough to get travelers to loosen their tongues, if not by friendliness than by a pint or two of the strong stuff. Perhaps some of the more raucous bars like the Strongjaw Tavern or the Salted Gull Saloon might have some folks willing to talk if you’re willing to ask? 



   Ah yes, what a good adventuring adventurer! After having adventured into the heart of the town square, Bil was able to spot the small flyer Murbeam successfully noticed despite its obscured manner and cryptic details. While you may be unfamiliar with the beast itself, your father was quite the merchant. In passing he may have replied with the basics – they were an organization pushing for freedom - although when pressed he waved off your questions with vague responses and the occasional grumble. They weren’t worth his time, this new organization; especially in his twilight years, he had better things to attend to than some strange new group’s attempts at righting some newfangled injustices. However, it was familiar in some meager way, it spoke of freedom, and judging by the hobgoblin’s vocal agreement and your newly found acquaintances’ curious stares and discussions, it seems like you chose a very good one! So good in fact, you seem to have acquired a party. Go you!



   Looking at the board, other than what was in front of you, nothing seemed to stand out more than the few joke ads and the few more “serious” ones in the forefront. Well, that is, until there appears to be a tidy collection of tall folk lingering around the same board. Most of them, including a bulky but well-dressed Tortle, seem to be discussing one that a dark-haired man had located half-hidden under some of the more mundane tasks. Despite your unfamiliarity with these new folks, it seems as though they too are of the adventurous sort – and the sort naturally prone to having others with them, should the hobgoblin’s stern but decisive statements be of any clue. There is always strength in numbers, as kobolds typically know… perhaps it may be worth joining them. 

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"Here you go." Mubeam said, holding the piece of paper over to the older man.

Murbeam had no problems letting Amentis having the piece of paper to look better at it, it was strange...what it talked about. Shifting his position slightly, he did wait to see what they said. Somethinga bout political corruption? Man, he really didn't understand how things worked out here..he heard talk of corruption in politics before. Yet it seemed to be so much more..common on land. Why was that? A shrug left him, showing that he had no other ideas on what it could be then what Amentis suggested. Perhaps that was a mission best left to....

The Selkie's thoughts were interrupted as someone else came up and pointed at the same flyer. Though Murbeam's face lit up as he saw it was a turtle person! OH!! What were they called? The specific species but still!! A turtle person!!! He'd seen sea turtles before, were they the same kind? The flyer honestly left Murbeam's mind as he now felt like he had the chance to make friends with a fellow sea dweller.

"Hi!" Murbeam greeted Bil with a very eager and energetic voice. "Are you a sea turtle person? I forget the specific name for your species, I'm terribly sorry on that. But did you come from the sea?"

Hearing the stronger and possibly rougher female voice, Murbeam's gaze went to the hobgoblin. His white hair bouncing with the movement he had made as he turned his head. Uh...wait...what? OH! The flyer, that's what she was talking about. Wait...they were all going to do this?

"I don't know much about city stuff...what's wrong about propaganda?" Murbeam asked, seemingly with the uncertainty of a child.

Were they all needed for this?

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Bil's life was complete. Or at least, the first step was complete. They felt satisfied that the hobgoblin seemed to be in agreement with them becoming their leader. Obviously Bil just exuded leadership energy. Knowing nothing more about the sign, Bil provided no information to Eyzas, but they did smile at them proudly. They looked about at the others, wondering what they might be interested in doing also. There was a man greeting them very enthusiastically, so Bil turned their proud smile on him. They gave one firm nod to indicate, "Yes, I am a sea turtle person," but they did not speak to correct him that the proper term would have been "tortle," and as a changeling, was it really truthful to say that they were a tortle or a sea turtle person? They didn't know.

Bil shook their head at the question about the sea, but blinked and smiled at Murbeam some more.

With one final glance around at the others gathered nearby, a curious look at the metal person, and one more look at the flyer, Bil stepped out of the way of the board and toward the nearest lane. They knew their way around this city better than most people, so Bil was ready to lead! ... if only they knew where they were going.
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Amentis furrowed his brow, looking to the hobgoblin curiously. “If you wish to lead, then hold onto the notice. I will be back when I have properly outfitted myself.” For the first time in their interaction Amentis sounded and looked a lot more like an old man than previously. The stress was written all over his face. He looked to the tortle and The selkie. “I’ll meet up with you all once I’ve collected my gear.” With that he spun on his heel and quickly made his way back to the temple of the Raven Queen.

He turned into his meager living quarters and eyed the foot locker at the base of the bed, locked thrice over and engraved with runes to make an illusion of being trapped. One slender hand of his ran over the oak top, and he shook his head. He couldn’t bring himself to do it. Here in the solitude of his small residence, he buried his head into his hands.

“Is this what you would want, Miria? Is this the good you meant for me?” After ten minutes, he looked up with puffy eyes, unlocking the chest to remove his armor and other gear, only to see a hefty book at the bottom, decorated in floral patterns in the leather. He closed the box immediately, not wanting to touch it for fear of falling deeper into his reminiscing.

He stopped where he kept his shield, looking to it. “If it is your will, my queen...” he muttered, taking his shield and heading out to meet the youngsters he was going to join.