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Creation's Obligation [M]

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Some caution returned to put the brakes on Tony's rapturous enthusiasm, as he glanced from the Scepter to the AI that had, apparently, emerged from it, and who was now holding onto it very firmly.  He knew what the Scepter was capable of, and he no longer had an arc reactor shielding his heart from it.  But he gave Ultron the benefit of the doubt.   If the AI meant to use the Scepter on him, why wouldn't he have done so already?  Tony 2015 didn't have a clue as to Ultron's complicated motivations, his conflicting desires.

"OK," he said, and released the Scepter with deliberate gesture.  "Tell me what happened.  Tell me what went wrong.  Tell me about Thanos."

Tony 2018 didn't have his suit on at the moment Steve put his arm around him, and his heart flopped painfully, until the soldier pulled back.  He then put all such thoughts aside, as they were both trivial under the circumstances, and embarrassing if Wanda happened to still be looking at his mind.  "No, he hit a little lower than that."  Just in case Pietro wanted to try again, he called the suit back on, the nanobots streaming out and forming the suit up to his neck.

Wanda's word was good enough for Pietro.  He glowered upon Stark.  "And so you come back like penitent to make it all right again?" he said, with very nearly a sneer.  "Don't expect any absolution, Stark."

"This isn't about you, Rainbow Dash," Tony retorted.  "It's a tiny bit fucking bigger than you!"

Thor had been standing by quietly, but getting angrier as he comprehended more.  When he took a step forward, everybody suddenly noticed an infuriated Thunder God in their midst.  "In your past, you stole that Scepter so that you could make a weapon from it, you failed to stop yourself from stealing it again, and now that very weapon has come unto this world again?"

"Time out!" Tony said, getting behind Steve so that he could listen to Jocasta uninterrupted.  "I'm totally onboard with you, Jo, but how did you and Ultron get here?"

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"I get my willingness to share from you as well." Ultron said when Tony looked between him and the scepter. "You'll get a chance to look at it later." He had to try not to chuckle at Tony's gesture, he was much more tolerable when he didn't have the upper hand.

"Let's walk and talk." Ultron said, stepping past Tony. "What went wrong is that we didn't know what was going on out there, and that we were not prepared for it. None of Fury's attempts or plans would even come close to stopping Thanos, but you had a better idea." Ultron still thought he was the best idea Tony had, or ever would have, and the best hope for the Earth.

"But none of us knew about the Infinity Stones except Thor. They have the ability to alter minds, reality, power, time, space, and even the soul." Though he wasn't sure how that last one worked. "If all used together, they can essentially do anything. Like a wish, but as specific as one wants it to be. Thanos' goal was to wipe out half of all life. He got all the stones, and was able to do just that." The Iron Man suit had pulled itself together and walked after Ultron as the AI pressed a palm against a wall, causing it to dissolve and fall to the ground as the nanobots disguising the entrance fell away. Suddenly the silence of the room was broken as the sounds of heavy machinery came through from the other side.

"Come on, I know you're curious."


Emotions were easier to pick up, but harder to understand, once she had the actual thoughts she could make sense of the words within them, but she was only able to feel the affection-- or rather, the infatuation with Steve that Tony had. She wasn't surprised, especially since he was the one in his vision to affect the man the most, but she didn't try to look into his thoughts to see exactly what he was thinking about when he was touched.

"It is about him." Wanda wouldn't have stayed if it weren't for Pietro. They could evacuate Sokovia, along with their ties to the resistance and their powers, they could make everyone leave. Or, they could even go and try to stop Ultron themselves, but all of that put her brother in harm's way. She wasn't going to prevent his death just for Ultron to kill him in a different way.

"No, Thor, he didn't steal the scepter then." He was able to stay calm despite the infuriated Thunder God wanting to get at the man behind him. He explained to him what Tony had told him, about how Thor had allowed them to keep the scepter for three days and had agreed to allow it to be taken back to Asgard, and also that the Tony they knew had been kidnapped by Ultron. He hadn't heard what Jocasta had told him, but he knew that's what must have happened given the circumstances.

Through Deadpool. He had a broken time device on his person. Currently, it only has two uses. One was to return Nebula to a safer time, another to come here. As that wasn't the immediate threat, she wasn't going to continue the subject unless asked. I know their location, but you will only have a single chance there. If you fail to obtain your other self or the Mind Stone, it will be very difficult to find Ultron again. I know Ultron's security measures and how to get past them, everything else will be up to you.