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The Frozen village (open)

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(A nordic/viking themed rp)

The wind blew strong and hard, causing the snow that was falling to twist and turn. The night made everything dark and with the powerful wind blowing the snowflakes around, even the light of a torch struggled to be of aid. The village was buried in snow, their shapes could be seen but the doors were almost frozen shut. Everyone was locked into their homes at the moment.

Asmund shuddered as he attempted to make the fire stronger in his small home. The fire was dying and it gave a weak crackle as it tried to stay lit. Having no more firewood in his house, he grabbed the nearest chair and worked to smash it to pieces. With a leg of it free, he quick tossed it into the fire. The storm had caught everyone off guard. The Gods had to either be angry or something else was going on to cause all this sudden snow. Winter was never pleasant here in this tiny village but it was always tolerable. This...was something else. IT could only be caused by the wrath of gods or some other great beast.

To the village, Asmund was just a healer. He wasn't a warrior nor a great hunter. Often he was left alone as most vikings were willing to power through the pain of their wounds; until a bad infection set in and they either died or Asmund managed to force them into his care for at least. There were some that regard Asmund as a omen, he held abilities that no one else did. This did cause others to avoid him.

Asmund never really tried yo figure out the extents of said powers. He did recall floating once but that only happened when he fell off the edge of the cliff due to some...pesky youngsters. For the sake of attempting to fit in, he did his best to ignore his other traits. Though it proved very hard at times. Temptation to smite these fools was almost ever present.

Oh...if only he could control fire...he could stay nice and warm. A sigh left him as he set another chair leg into the fire. What little heat he got would soon be ruined as there was a thump against his door.

Looking up, the door was plowed down and a strong gust of wind blew in. The already weak fire was nearly put out but the gust died down. Asmund shuddered and he wrapped his arms around himself before looking to the door way. His door laid on the ground in his home now and the skinnier man wasn't pleased as he looked up to the bigger figures.

"What in Odin's name are you doing?!" Asmund yelled.

"SILENCE!" one of the viking's snapped.

Two of the Viking's moved out of the way to allow the third one in. Asmund still gave a serious glare to the members of the village. Who could possibly be here to see him?