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Troubles on the road (open)

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The cold air of winter caused the horse's breathe to fog up, turning into a little cloud of white in front of it's nose as it snorted. The man holding the reigns shuddered, the heavy fur coat over his shoulders and arms doing little to help him combat the chilly day air. His amber eyes looked up, taking note that the hour of day wasn't even at the noon mark. Well it was still cold enough for the early morning hours but it thankfully wasn't that cold. Might be a hour or two before noon, it should heat up a small bit then. The sound of a wolf far off caught his attention, causing him to jerk and look around a bit fearfully. Thankfully, he took note that it was several miles away but he gave a gentle tug on the reigns. Causing the horse to pick up speed and put some ease into his heart to slow it's fast beating.

Wilson dealt enough with wolves and he had worse things to worry about. Sure, the wolves would still startle him and put fear into him, but a sharp pain from his right arm caused him to snap out of those thoughts. He would wince and give a nervous glance down to his right arm. He really need to find someone who could remove this curse. A cold gust of wind blew, causing his hood to fly backwards and reveal his dull black hair. It was short and a little bit messy; though the messy look could be contributed to the hood of fur he was wearing moments prior. It was also short, kept out of his way and not really meant to draw anyone's eyes. Reaching with his left hand, he grabbed the hood and pulled it back over his head. Holding onto it as the wind gave a howling gust once more, kicking up some of the loose snow on the road and making it dance in the air past him.

"Not far to go old girl, come on." Wilson urged the horse in a gentle tone, his gaze looking ahead.

Hoping to see the lights or at least buildings of the town. Granted, he forgot what name the town had but that would be solved within a matter minutes. A old sign was covered in snow and normally, he would've stopped to brush it away to see what it said. Alas, he didn't want to stop. Out of fear the wolf from earlier would come racing across the woods to come and get him. So he had the horse press on and soon, he came to the little town. Relieved that he had found such a place and was quick to find the inn. In which, he stopped at with a gentle pull on the reigns and he sighed in relief. Brushing the hood off, he glanced around at the small village. Something