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Hellboy rp idea and my info

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Greetings greetings, I am bad at these so I do apologize. However I will try to make this somewhat useful for you.

I am a oddball rper and I'm not into smut/nsfw, now violence such as gore and blood is fine. So long as it's not constantly happening, I'm all okay with it. I mainly do Fantasy rps, as I am a fan of supernatural creatures. Modern rps don't really keep my interest but if you add supernatural influences into it, I am willing to rp in the modern genre.

My main stick:
Fantasy (Both historical and modern)
Fandom (I am picky on these. Hellboy and Balto are ones I have dabbled in, just ask and I'll le tyou know if I will rp it. ^^)
Dungeons and Dragons themed rps
Ocs (in various genres)
Canon characters ( I am even more picky with theses, again suggest what it is you would like to do and I'll get back to you ^^)

Canon Characters I play (These are rarely big main characters but background canon characters with names and some personality that I felt like they didn't get much love)

Balto (From Balto, the second movie often counts but i ignore the 3rd film)
Magus (From Gargoyles)
Myers (From Hellboy; However I often play him in AU where he ends up  becoming something else and isn't human)

I am a person who prefers to rp in paragraphs. One liners once in a while is okay but I can't do constant one liners, it ends up making me loose interest. Of course I want you to post what you can come up with from what I post and you don't have to match my word count. Just post the amount you are comfortable with.

Speaking of Hellboy, I am wanting to do a few more threads in this. Often when I have played Myers form Hellboy, I make it to where something happened to him in the Antarctic that was revealed Hellboy sent him to in the second movie. Which has made the relationship worse. Although I do have some other ideas. For all these rps, I need someone else to play Hellboy. I will do my best to help protray other canon characters correctly and I apologize if I butcher any.

New Idea:
Just thought of this one but funny hilarious idea, Myers being Liz and Hellboy's kid. This would of course be a extreme change to the dynamic. Though I feel like it could be fun as perhaps the second movie wouldn't have happened and really the first movie would've gone super differently. As Myers was the only reason Liz came back. I can see that Hellboy ends up saving Myers without really knowing the connection but Myers grows suspicious when he mentions the incident to Liz and starts to investigate it on himself. In which causes him to seek Hellboy out and into trouble.

Since he would be half human; to a degree. He would have powers and I can see those powers awakening when he gets into the second incident, in which that would draw the attention from the Bureau onto him. Myers finds himself put into their employment and the Professor learns that Myers is Liz's son, though they keep quiet on it.

 For this rp, I would need the other person to rp Liz and Hellboy mainly. I will be doing my best to help rp all the other canon characters which you can help with if you want. I can't promise I'll portray them one hundred percent accurately. But I will do my best. i'm also not super picky on if you aren't able to portray canon characters 100% like the movie, don't worry. It's a au. ^^

My Beastblood looking for more thread-
(I will warn you i'm not taking more Beastblood threads at this time unless the plot is super unique)

List of open threads-

Feel free to hit me up with ideas. ^^