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New Dear Hearts and Gentle People (M)

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Despite the fact that Joe felt his response was lackluster, Akuma gave a satisfied smile that caused their glasses to move as their cheekbones shifted.

"That sounds more accurate, anyway. A vague truth is better than a solid lie, if you as me." The stranger reached down to collect their bag, shifting it onto their bag before moving to roll up their sleeping bag. With a reluctant groan, Susana stood up and shifted out of the way with a lazy roll and a shift to look upside-down toward Joe, as if to say 'are you seeing this shit?'

"That is of course," Akuma added, "Unless you're lying your way out of trouble. Which is not at all unlike me." They straightened up and tied their sleeping bag down to their pack with four solid knots in a set of leather straps.

"Well, big guy, you ready to head out? Maybe that's an easier question for you." They shifted, unzipping one of their saddle bags to reveal a mutfruit, still mostly in tact and only slightly overripe. They held it out, open-palmed, for Joe to accept. "You should eat too."

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"I ain't going to lie to you." Joe was still on edge, expecting a negative response to just about everything. "I just need to... work a few things out."

Like what had just happened to him over the space of a single night. In just a few hours, his life had changed.

"I'm ready to go." Of course, he was trained to be ready whenever he was told to be, even if it was a second's notice.

Joe accepted the mutfruit, murmuring his thanks. It was sweet, slightly overripe, but it was good, something that he hadn't been able to have in quite some time.

He tied his bedroll in place on the top of his pack and lifted it up onto his shoulders, tightening the straps to hold it steady.