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Scheherazade Night (M)CXIX (Jabba x Petri)

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"'Twould be a fool's errand, My Lord." A low, ethereal voice reverberated from a disembodied source, and interrupted the conversation. Suddenly from thin air appeared another creature of like nature as Tuhinsunna. Perhaps Kassimir had noticed him before. He was tall and thin with a rather long beard and his hair was kept hidden under a dark green turban. He, unlike the two men who were bickering, was fully clothed in a stately thawb, the upper parts thereof embroidered with gold needlework and brocade. He carried himself in a stately manner and his voice had a booming quality and dignified air. "Lord Kassimir, is it? You may find it somewhat difficult to make an easy dispatch of Master Tuhinsunna, seeing as when you performed --" he cleared his throat "coitus with him in our master's distress, your act of kindness also resulted in the enactment of a biological covenant. Lord Tuhinsunna, if you will..." The tall djinn laid hold of Tuhinsunna's shoulder and turned the djinn around, revealing marking on his back which had not hitherto been there. "This is the fruit of ibn Ishraq's labor: the Suleimanic Rite of Ar-Rabbat. It effective binds a djinn body and soul  to the cantor. If you had not intervened my Master would have been made subject to the man from whom you delivered him, who -- I will admit did not seem too savory, but the result is that, Master Tuhinsunna," the djinn turned Tuhinsunna back around as he addressed him, "You are now bound to be this man's servant for the rest of the foreseeable future."

"That is preposterous!" Tuhinsunna drew back in horror. "Hooshmand! How dare you even suggest such a miserable curse should be laid upon me!"

"'Tis no jest, Master. In performing the rite of Ar-Rabbat, your body is his body, and all of your power is subjoined to his disposal."

A dumbfounded and bewildered look was plastered on Tuhinsunna's face as he fell back into his perch on Kassimir's bed. "How could this have happened to me of all people? Hooshmand! I am too beautiful to be a slave!"

Kassimir jumped as the voice sounded from the air itself, quickly followed by one of the men who had materialised during the bizarre events of the night before.

"Servant?" Kassimir frowned, shaking his head. "I have no need of a servant. I am no lord."

It was true that his father had been of noble birth, but the same could hardly be said about Kassimir. He doubted that his father would even have acknowledged his birth right.

Keeping his eye on the two strange men, Kassimir stooped to pick up his trousers from where he had thrown them and pulled them on.

"If you'll excuse me, gentlemen. I have work to do."