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Pri(M)ordial Resurgence (Axl X Jabba)

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"Aye, that you did." Zaiah breathed the words as he stared at his guest, his own bowl all but forgotten. If the gnome had expected him to be angry, he was clearly mistaken; Zaiah was more surprised than anything else, yet it made sense, considering how he had found him.

"So you're an ice mage, eh?" He spoke half to himself, knowing damn well that the gnome had only the barest grasp of his language.

Zaiah knew very little about ice elemental magic; he had been driven to the more subtle spells, ones that helped him to hide and survive. He kept that hidden, for the most part; around these parts, if you didn't know how to control your abilities, then you had a high chance at being hounded out of the city, at the very least.

The gnome's lack of self control was perhaps something to worry about. Zaiah wondered if he would find himself frozen in his sleep if the gnome had a nightmare.

With a casual flick of his fingers, Zaiah released the wards that he'd placed on the door. Of course, it revealed more about himself than he was generally comfortable with sharing with strangers, but after what he had seen, it could not be helped.

Zaiah grimaced, upending his stew bowl over his mouth to catch the last dregs before he stood and set it down on the table.

"Free." He repeated, gesturing to the door. He paused, frowning at the gnome. With any luck, the bastard would make himself scarce on his own accord, but for now, Zaiah had to assume that he was there to stay.

"I'll be back." He muttered as he plucked his coat from the back of the chair and pulled it on, heading for the door. He let it close behind him, but he did not put the wards back in place, knowing that he had to give the gnome a chance to leave should he so wish.

The rain was cold and persistent and Zaiah turned the collar on his coat up in an attempt to resist it. Head down, he made his way through the market, although he did not stop at any of the stalls that sold fruit and vegetables. Instead, he wound his way through to the back streets, stepping over beggars and drunks, not bothering to pause until he reached a small shop, half hidden.

It was the sort of place that you could easily have walked past without noticing. For the most part, it sold trinkets and baubles, potions and mild hallucinogens. Yet, beyond all the fakery, there were some decent things to be had.

The shopkeeper looked up, his eyes immediately narrowing.
"The usual?"
"Yes, thank you."

Zaiah smiled thinly as he approached, laying his palms on the counter. He watched as the shopkeeper turned his back, filling the standard order of dried herbs that Zaiah found assisted his concentration when smoked.

"Some of the Northern marsh weed as well, if you please."

The shopkeeper raised an eyebrow, then turned away, reaching for the small measuring scales. His faint sneer was not lost on Zaiah, but he ignored the sentiment, focusing instead on the grimy glass counter in front of him. In the face of his concentration, it felt as if time itself had slowed down and he reached out, ignoring the faint slow rumble of the shopkeeper's voice.

Reaching through the glass, his fingers closed upon a small amulet, made from dull silver with a faded, murky green gem. He snapped his hand back by his side, using the magic of slight of hand more than anything else as the shopkeeper turned around, perhaps sensing the use of magic so close by.

Zaiah smiled, setting out the coin on the counter top, reaching out with a now empty hand to receive his purchase.

"Be careful, lad." The shopkeeper kept a hold of the package so firmly, Zaiah wondered if his theft had been noticed. "This stuff will rot your brain."
"It's rotten already." Zaiah grinned as the shopkeeper released him and he turned away, heading back outside.

By now, the rain was pelting down. Head down, Zaiah ran home, but within minutes, he was soaked to the skin. Once inside, he shook the rain out of his hair, much like a dog did. To his dismay, the gnome was still there, but it wasn't as if the bugger had anywhere else to go right now.

Zaiah paused, frowning.
"Well fucking say something then." With the stolen amulet in his hand, Zaiah knew that, if it worked, it would sound as if he was a gnome born and bred. If it worked.
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Vjeko watched as the human gestured with his hand before downing the last remnants of stew from his bowl and stood up. “Free” the words hung in the air as the human departed the small building just as the sky began to weep emotionless tears. The gnome watched through the water streaked window as the human weaved through the crowd of people fleeing from the sudden downpour. The raving dwarf huddled against a wall in hopes of staving off some of the rain. Vjeko felt a twang of guilt, being warm and dry inside while someone and their clothing drowned.

Uncaring about the home owner’s opinion on the matter, the young gnome opened up the wooden door and took his first step into the rain. Clean water turned dirty pooled at his feet as he stood and faced the sky, the feeling of rain on his skin such a new sensation that he forgot himself. It wasn’t until someone walking by pushing him out of the way with a sneer and a rude gesture that Vjeko remembered where he was and why he had left the safety of the shack. The now soaked gnome walked over towards the mad dwarf and called out “Ho! Calass, com samman runedar. Samryn, thalorn. Ni, hurnden if ni beldarak.” Vjeko gestured for the soggy dwarf to follow him as he spoke and headed back to the shack.

Not one to shun a friendly offering, let alone one in his own language. Adalwin followed the gnome to Zaiah’s home. Closing the door behind himself the dwarf sat next to Vjeko in front of the warm fire and opened his mouth to give voice to his appreciation. His politeness cut off by the sudden gnomish outburst from the human. The drenched gnome stood up and looked at Zaiah with shock and dismay. “That’s one way to say hello and to greet a guest” the gnome gestured to the sitting dwarf and watched for Zaiah’s reaction.

Adalwin Attwater stood up and bowed at a slight incline “Gnome friend is dangerous to be, city unsafe for kind” The dwarf’s gnomish was choppy but understandable. His drenched clothing was just a bit too nice for a beggar, his hair and beard shined cleanly even drenched. If the dwarf was in fact a beggar, he did well. If he wasn’t a beggar, why was he begging and spouting nonsense?

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Zaiah frowned, following the gnome's gaze to rest on the newest occupant in his small hovel. He dimly recalled having seen the dwarf before, but he had always given the bastard a wide berth to avoid having to listen to his ravings. For a moment, Zaiah was speechless.

He turned to stare at Vjeko, barely comprehending the gnome's stupidity. Why would he invite a stranger into Zaiah's own home without asking permission first? A dwarf no less! Surely, anyone looking for a gnomish slave might seek out a dwarf for information, especially an insane beggar like this. The bastard might just sell his own mother for a coin.

Zaiah found a bad vibe emanating from the dwarf, even before he had opened his mouth. Aside from the distaste at his ramblings, there was the incongruous nature of his clothing; he was hardly covered in as much shit as most other beggars that inhabited the city. Zaiah's eyes narrowed in suspicion; just what was this man really?

Yet he could hardly throw the bastard out without so much as a warning. To do so would do nothing but invite even more suspicion; right now, Zaiah was in the business of avoiding acquiring any more enemies at all cost.

"Any more strangers you wish to invite into my home?"

Zaiah muttered sourly as he made his way over to the fire and squatted down, helping himself to more stew. He did not offer anything to either guest, bugger the both of them. At least the stolen amulet worked well enough; both dwarf and gnome would hear his words in their own language simultaneously.