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Welco(M)e to (M)y (M)erry (M)oment (Kreed&Jabba&Auphe)

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As one pair of guards exited the bank section, another entered. It was difficult to say how many there were as they entered from the far end of the corridor because they walked in step. With each step they drew closer, however, it was clear that one of the beings was not a guard at all.

"We keep catching you waiting until the last minute to return to your cell, you're going to stay in there", said a male voice.

"Lose my privilege to walk up and down a prison hallway all night." It was a question, but the voice of indiscernable gender was so flat and clipped it might as well have been a cough in reply.

There followed the characteristic slap of a shock baton licking flesh, and - not so characteristically - the smell of burnt skin began to trickle down the hallway. The footsteps stumbled a little, but were quick to resume their previous pace.

"We could also reassign you to something a little more...involved."

From around the corner of Sebastian's cell, they appeared; it was a single guard with a prisoner in tow, in the tell-tale black shirt and cotton shorts. Unlike Sebastian, however, this one was alive...or so it appeared to be.

It was difficult to tell, with some species, as many of the tell-tale signs of life varied based on the race. With this one, tall but willowy, ashen lips and darkly circled white-blue eyes, it was...debatable.

They were placed adjacent to Sebastian in their own cell, in full view of one another, and the prisoner showed something vaguely resembling surprised at Sebastian's appearance before the expression disappeared. They watched, quietly, as the guard escorting them turned and left down the corridor before settling on the floor cross-legged to examine their arm. Thick, white waves fell over and in the way as they shifted their sleeve up, and with a huff, they blew their tangled hair aside to look at the bared wound. The flesh was milky white, with a slightly grey or blue tinge - where it wasn't covered heavily in tattoos. A black mark of charred skin was a stark contrast to the patch of ivory where it sat. A nasty burn from the baton...and not typical of most species. Not much to be done, anyway, from the inside of a bare cell. With a sigh, the prisoner settled into a slump, eyes curiously settling on Sebastian. Probably the ugliest one they'd seen so far.