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Alternative Alternative History - Jabba x Auphe (M)

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Reginald dragged himself out of bed, along with the majority of the crew, barring those who had been on the night shifts. He exchanged few pleasantries with the others, merely a nod and a grunt here and there.

He washed the sleep from his eyes, hoping to banish last night's unsettling nightmares. This time, it had been the surgeon, the lower half of his face hidden by a blood stained mask as he had leaned over him, his scalpel at the ready.

Reginald grimaced and headed out into the mess hall, wordlessly taking a spare bowl and a fork as he took his seat, away from the others. He ate, the fork held in his bare left hand. It was a pretty good meal, giving him much needed energy during a day to be spent in the boiler room.