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Sharpening the Rusty Blade (Firesblood x Jabba)

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4052 dutifully followed Sabine to the mess hall. He moved to take the tray and get her breakfast for her, but before he could do so, she had already taken the tray and loaded it up. It would not do for him to try to take the tray from her, so instead, he kept silent and took up his usual position standing just beside her as she ate. He made a note to mention to her when they were alone that in public, she should let him do more for her. He needed to do the things that were expected of him, otherwise why else would she keep him around?

He tensed as the other director approached, keeping his gaze fixed at a point on the floor. Immediately, he thought of the gaps in his story, highlighted by his overseer and he wondered how long before the director came to order his interrogation to explain the abnormalities.

It was an effort to keep his breathing as slow and careful as possible. Even though their conversation focused on Shaad's display of dominance, as the director put it, 4052 kept his expression as neutral as possible.

She might have believed what she had said about Shaad's interference being at an end, but 4052 could not bring himself to believe that.