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Beyond Elysium (Kreed x Jabba) M

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A silent laugh sent a puff of air from Akuma's nose, and his eyes did not meet Beckett's as his lips twitched into a smile and his head gave a single half-shake, half-tilt as he relaxed in his seat. "A more apt description would be a single finger in many pies..."

His smile softened and he focused on the grain of the table. "Picture him in a narrow kitchen, all these pies on the counter, and he's hobbling back and forth as deftly as a one-legged man can, forcefully jamming his index finger into the pies, one by one. Bam bam bam." Akuma tapped the table a couple times as though he thought it would give to his touch before resting his hand still, fingers still curled at the ready. From pinky to thumb, his fingers flexed one-by-one, then back again. His smile faded.

"I did my job", Akuma said softly. His eyes never left their original place, once on the table, now on his hand. His fingers curled slowly tighter as he watched idly. "I knew what I had to do, and I did it. I'd been tracking them... intercepted the van on the lip of the Panama Canal, near the border. They were taking the backroads and sleeping a few yards away. Their guy on watch fell asleep at the wheel."

"I turned off the engine of my car and coasted for a bit before going the rest of the way on foot. Didn't want them to hear me. Got under the vehicle and loosened all the wheels off the axles, drained the oil pan. Was too risky to slash the tires. Too loud and would make a jolt."

"Set up a tripwire and spike strips along the road where they were sleeping in case they tried to rush me," Akuma bounced his hand once, like a spider descending from the ceiling. "Popped the lock on the car, swing the door open with one arm and choke the driver with the other. I took the stash on my back, tied branches to my ankles and didn't walk in a straight line to cover my tracks."

He visibly swallowed before he looked up briefly - a flicker of a glance to Beckett then back to the table - and pulled his lips to one corner of his mouth in thought. "I was pretty good at my job."