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the dishelved state of a lost soul (open)

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So idea for this is, your character is possibly a old friend or aquantince with this scientist who haven't seem them in years. Last they saw em, they were healthy and fine. Well now they're not.)

Shaking hands struggled with the vials as the blue liquid flowed to the vial containing the white one. hurt so much. Cutting off the flow before it the vial filled with a very pale blue liquid overflowed, he gently swirled it around with his hand. The shaking of his hand being the only problem as a droplet escaped the vial and landed upon his desk. The substance quickly started to eat through the metal desk as the man cursed under his breath and set both vials down before reaching for the deactivator. Reaching with the larger hand was a mistake as one of the spikes sticking out of the top of his hand whacked the cabinet as a pained hiss left him, causing the spike to go into the cabinet. Fucking brilliant.

A irritated look came over his sunken facial features, cheekbones visible as he jerked his arm. Ripping the cabinet off the wall as it was flung across the work space with a loud crash and bang. The boxes and cans of materials thrust away with it. Each clattering to the ground in various place as the former man merely pulled at the wood. Removing it from their hand and giving a fed up sigh, slowly trudging over to look through the rubble. A purple box with various writing was what he needed and thankfully itís contents were splattered on the ground.

With the deactivator in hand, he walked over to the spot of his metal desk that was already devoured. Metal that was strong now looked like putty as it dripped down inside of itself. Easily he poured the deactivator rusty powder all over the afflicted surface, tired latte colored eyes waited for the bubbling and hissing to end before he set the box down and closed it.

His lab was a fair cry from the organized space it had once been, now it was just chaos. As if someone had ransacked the place and thrust everything all over the place; the cabinet joining the destruction didnít help. A heavy knock slowly pulled his attention toward the massive high grade door. Who could be here? No one bothered him anymore...but that tends to happen when you cut off all ties to the government and go as far into dead space as you can. Slowly he approached the door and unlocked itís various locks; the sound of beeping, clicking, and even metal scraping against itself would resound before the door was just cracked open enough for the manís face to be the only thing revealed.

"Yes?" Hugh said.

Here they were, looking like they were starving as their face was heavily sunk in. Dark circles under his once strong eyes, his white hair used to be well managed but now it was sticking up in various directions and looked as if some charcoal like powder was stuck in it.