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Readlliea coming to ya live

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Greetings greetings, I am bad at these so I do apologize. However I will try to make this somewhat useful for you.

I am a oddball rper and I'm not into smut/nsfw, now violence such as gore and blood is fine. So long as it's not constantly happening, I'm all okay with it. I mainly do Fantasy rps, as I am a fan of supernatural creatures. Modern rps don't really keep my interest but if you add supernatural influences into it, I am willing to rp in the modern genre.

My main stick:
Fantasy (Both historical and modern)
Fandom (I am picky on these. Hellboy and Balto are ones I have dabbled in, just ask and I'll le tyou know if I will rp it. ^^)
Dungeons and Dragons themed rps
Ocs (in various genres)
Canon characters ( I am even more picky with theses, again suggest what it is you would like to do and I'll get back to you ^^)

I am a person who prefers to rp in paragraphs. One liners once in a while is okay but I can't do constant one liners, it ends up making me loose interest. Of course I want you to post what you can come up with from what I post and you don't have to match my word count. Just post the amount you are comfortable with.

Feel free to hit me up with ideas. ^^