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Sword Quests (RP Search)

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Greetings one and all. This thread will be my first request thread. Before starting with RP ideas, here are some ground rules and info about myself when it comes to RPing. Don’t worry there are not too many rules.   ;D

1) To be honest I’m not into smut RPs. However, if there is romance(I prefer MxF) in a thread that we’re rping together it can have fade to black scenes between characters. Although I would prefer to focus on character development when it comes to IC relationships especially in friendship/comradeship or family bonds.

2) Adventure/action whether it be set in sci fi or fantasy are fine with me. Like in Star Wars or Dragon Age series. Also don’t mind drama and comedy mixed in the stories.

3) Can’t do slice of life RPs. Just not my cup of tea neither is full-scale horror stories.

4) As for my pace of posting, if it can vary from fast to slow depending on the situation in rl. If running into extended delays on my end or lost interest I’ll let you know. Feel free to do the same.

5) I can write from two to a few more paragraphs. Don’t worry I’m not grammar Nazi nor an elitist that demands complete perfection. Because honestly my writing style has its faults and so have no right to judge others for it. But please all I ask is no one liners. A paragraph or two would be more than acceptable.

Okay with that section out of the way let’s get to the fun part.  Also this will updated whenever a new idea comes to mind.

  • Mass Effect/Star Wars Crossover: A Mandalorian mercenary (roleplayed by me) from the Star Wars galaxy is teleports in a freak accident to the Mass Effect verse. It can be AU where the Reapers were all destroyed some years before without sacrificing other AIs like the Geth. The merc find himself on Omega and runs into your OC. It would become the start of a galactic adventure between where the two must survive in post reaper yet still chaotic reality. Your OC can whatever you want him or she be.
    Though I wouldn’t recommend a Cerberus operative unless they’re a defector that already cut ties with the organization.
  • The Free Company: This plot will be about be a free company of mercenaries operating within a divided and war-torn kingdom. Our OCs will be members of this free company that will soon find themselves in the eye of the storm. Beside fighting enemy soldiers/brigands/cultists they will also face against fantasy beasts preying on the chaotic land. If anyone is interested in this we can discuss and plot this out together. This includes world-building if you’re interested.
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Greetings Sword!

Fantasy rps is something i enjoy a great deal, it's always fun and one can often go wild. I often enjoy making my characters have something that affect them like a jekyll and hyde styled thing, though with fantasy i often add in transformation into a monster in it. I will admit that the Free Company one does have me interested, I've never rped mercenaries characters though. So I'm not too sure on jumping in it as I do want you to find someone who can portray the characters profession in a good way. Although I do have a medieval/fantasy rp idea if you are game for hearing it?